BOOGIE-MAN (Color Change)
Lottery for overseas

◆ Lottery acceptance period ◆
3/18(Sat.) 00:00 〜 3/19(Sun.) 23:59
Japan time.

Acceptance is closed.

3/22, 20:30(JST) Postscript.
The winning email has been sent.
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*If you do not receive the winning e-mail, you will not be selected.

I wonder how many years has it been..., Boogie-man for the first time in a really long time.

I didn't intend to discontinue it, but a few years have passed while I've been doing various things... Time flies when you get old, doesn't it?

Following Amabi-H and Hellbox, color change moldings!

And this time, it changes from blackish to white.
By "blackish," I mean that the sol itself has a clear feel to it, so it won't be a normal black.
So, I think "a darker smoke black" is an accurate description.

Please enjoy this color change Boogie-man that feels white and fresh even though it has been a long time since you have seen it!
◆Payment Method:Paypal only
◆Shipping date:Scheduled for late March to early April 2023.
◆Shipping and handling:Depends on the shipping area.
◆Winning notification : 3/23(Thu.), Japan Time.

Due to the revision of international shipping charges in June 2022, shipping charges and classifications have changed.
※1 The prices listed below include shipping and handling.
*Asia 1
2,500 JPY
*Asia 2
2,900 JPY
*Zone 3
3,800 JPY
4,000 JPY
*Asia 1 : China, South Korea, Taiwan
*Asia 2 : Excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan
*Zone 3 : U.S., Oceania
*Zone 4 : Canada, Mexico, Europe

Depending on the status of the international mail acceptance at the time of shipment, the shipment will be sent by EMS or UPS.

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※After placing your order, you will receive an auto-reply email.
However, this is your entry in the lottery and your order is not confirmed.
※Only winners will be notified of the lottery results by email by the evening of 3/23(Thu.), Japan time.
After the winning email is sent, we will add a note about it here.
※Only winners will receive an email with the total amount including shipping and handling, and their Paypal account.
※Winners must pay by the payment deadline indicated in the winning email.

Shipping and handling charges will be added later. (See ※1 above.)
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